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Membership is open to all those interested in Gosport and its heritage. 

We have seven meetings per year at which members enjoy lectures on subjects of special interest, not necessarily of Gosport.  

We have two social events, the Summer Social Event is held in July and a New Year Event in early January.

Also, in October we have our Annual Dinner. 

Our current subscriptions are £11 per person  payable on 1st April each year.

Our preferred method of subscription payment is by Standing Order, if you are unable or do not wish to pay by Standing Order we will accept payment by cheque. 

If you would like to join you can download a membership application from this page. If intending to pay by Standing Order please complete all parts of the form.


Membership application form 1 Membership application form 2 Membership application form 3
Save and print or download as pdf below  


Download a Membership form pdf pdf


To set up a standing order complete both forms.

Send the Standing Order to your bank and the membership Application to the Membership Secretary.

To pay by cheque complete the Membership Application form only.

On the back of the membership form is a 'Gift Aid' declaration which which enable the Society to claim back tax form U.K. tax payers.


Paying by:

Standing Order -

Joining between: 

*1st April and 30th September indicate on the form to pay immediately, the full sum of £11 single or £22 per couple, as appropriate, and to pay this sum yearly on the 1st April

*1st October and 31st December  indicate on the form to  pay immediately, £5.50 single or £11 per couple, as appropriate and to pay £11 single or £22 per couple, as appropriate, yearly on the 1st April.

**1st January and 31st March indicate on the form  to pay the full sum, £11 single or £22 per couple, as appropriate,  immediately and to pay this sum yearly  as from 1st April 2015.


Cheque -

Joining between: 

*1st April and 30th September pay full £11 single or £22 per couple.                                                                           
*1st October and 31st December pay £5.50 or £11 per couple

**1st January and 31st March pay full £11 or £22 per couple.

*This payment covers subscription(s) to 31 March

**This payment covers the following years subscription(s)




Membership Renewal Form 2017 pdf

All Society membership data is, of course, subject to the Data Protection Act and is used solely for Society business.


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